Sep 4 2010

Of Photowalks & Hand Holding

I finally made it to a Photowalk in Delhi after a full 2 years .
The last one which came close, was the Heritage walk in Ahmedabad some 4months ago.

What I like about the Photowalks is how the group collectively behaves. There are some who have done a recce the previous day to make sure everything is organized perfectly, and that the caretakers of the area are alright with a group coming in. Some have created online groups & communities to educate the newcomers on how to be better prepared for the shoot, detailed road-directions for convenience & even to-dos & not-to-dos lists . Most of the Photo Enthusiasts also talk & help each other, ask questions, get to know more about their camera, that oh-so-cool setting etc. And then there are a few seniors, who have been there for more than a decade and would take your questions with delight!

Its a great way to learn. Its a great way to meet upcoming photographers & the Pros at the same time. Its a great way to know your city better.

This Photowalk at Sultan Ghari, New Delhi – ‘The First Islamic Mausoleum’ conducted by DPEG – [Facebook Community] was well Organized by Rajiv, Kinshuk, Sundreysh & Nimish.
This was not one of those click & go walks – where everyone was more bothered about getting that best shot to flaunt later. But everyone in the community (unlike me, who was a newcomer – and knew only a few) knew each other and sat down to spend some more time with each other. To discuss how they could take Photography to the next level. To work Commercially, and learn on the go. It was amazing to see the enthusiasm of the Photographers.

This Photowalk was a great experience for me. More so, because I could see people going out of their way to help others grow with Photography. A very rare find these days.


DPEG-Photowalk SultanGarhi

*Click to see the Bigger Version. Downloadable 4k Resolution Image.

With the Group Shot, I wish everyone who participated, and all the members of DPEG who couldnot – The Best of Luck & Light. Wishing you endless photowalks (never ending – as in multiple times – and not a ‘single one’ that doesn’t end :p)



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