The Lensman’s Paradox

I am often asked to step down from taking pictures in key occasions & holidays. And at the same time, I am almost taken for granted to be available to click the best possible pictures whenever around.

Where do we draw a line?
I have been struggling with the ‘do’ and ‘not do’ for quite a while now. And had finally given up on the dilemma of ‘When to shoot & when not to’.

And one day, the solution came almost instantly. Like it was there, waiting to be explored. When I look back and see the thousands of pictures I have clicked. I feel left out. Somewhere, I feel lost..

The counter-question that solved the paradox was simple ‘How many times were you asked to be in the picture, and not behind the camera?’..

Selfish? Not quite..
Honest? Yes.. Very Much.
So If I forget to send you your picture I took in the mall last night,
I am sure you will understand.. :)



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